Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If only...

What restaurants do you most desire to try someday, without regard to location or price or any other potential limitations?
Here are mine:

Blue Hill at Stone Barn - Pocantico Hills, NY
This restaurant is set inside of a renovated old stone barn, once a part of property owned by the Rockefellers and it has its own farm from which it draws its ingredients fresh.

El Bulli- Roses, Spain
Alinea - Chicago, IL
Minibar at Cafe Atlantico - Washington, D.C.
These three seem to draw from the same trend of experimental cooking, launched by Ferran Adria. Foams, deconstructed food, and all sorts of variations on the familiar. These places pique my interest, intrigue me, despite the rumoured hourslong event that dinner becomes at these institutions because I seek adventure and innovation in food.

Per Se - New York, NY
Chef Thomas Keller has also created a place where dinner is transformed into an exhibition of his talent, where the diners are the audience sitting through multiple courses, but thus able to sample and render judgement.

The Inn at Little Washington - Washington, VA
This restaurant is often cited on lists of the best restaurants around the country.

Street food around the world - particularly Southeast Asia
While good food is often one of my top priorities, I do tend to heed warnings about sanitation and drinking local water. I don't do very well with stomach ailments and often try to avoid them at all costs unfortunately.

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  1. The one place I am dying to try just once in my life is The French Laundry in Yountville, CA. I know Thomas Keller also has Per Se in NYC, but I'd like to first go to The French Laundry where it all began. Also, I'd love to try El Bulli since they do such crazy things with food there.