Monday, February 13, 2006

Crispy or Chewy? That is the Question

There are just some days when the sweet tooth craving is so strong you have no choice but to obey.
I had one of those days last week and obey I did. The reward was a ginormous cookie from Le Pain Quotidien, right up the street from me. For $2.95 I had a cookie as big as my plate!

Le Pain Quotidien's cookies are of the crisp variety - as you can see, despite my gentle handling on the 2 minute walk home, the cookie somehow took a hit and cracked right down the middle. A result, I gathered, of it's thin crispiness. It was delicious nonetheless - a buttery, smooth flavored cookie with just the right distribution of chocolate chips. Chocolate in every bite is key. Can you tell I take my chocolate chip cookies seriously?

On this particular day, I had no preference as to crispy or chewy, for my desires merely called for chocolate. But it is an important distinction in the world of cookie eating. For if you are of one camp or the other, then a blind purchase when the yearning wells up could leave you unsatiated. Think about it - biting into a pillowy soft, chewy cookie versus crunching into a crisp and brittle one. Different sensations serve different purposes. Don't believe me? Just consider it the same as trying to satisfy a hankering for sweets by eating an orange.

What is your preference?
I recommend you choose wisely.


  1. ohhhh...this is an important question. I prefer a mix between the too. Almost a sticky stale chewiness. hahahaha. I do like those pain quotidienne cookies though.

    Also, this question can be applied to brownies as well. Do you like fudgy ones or cakey ones or chewy ones? I fall firmly on the chewy brownie side. And they need to have that nice crackly crust on top.

  2. Oh no question about it- chewy over crispy and fudgy over cakey. I don't even know why cakey brownies exist, such a waste of cocoa!

  3. chrisE likes chrispy. sometimes a roll of those brittle chips ahoy can really do the trick. the best is soggifying the crispy cookies by dunking them in milk. and then youre left with a little treat of cookie sediment at the bottom of the glass. has to be whole fatty milk though.. and i love fudgy, moist brownies....but whats the difference between fudgy and chewy??