Monday, February 27, 2006


There are few things I enjoy more than eating well and traveling around the world. But Japan has never been near the top of my list of places to go to, not because of any particular aversion, but merely because many other places have a more immediate hook or allure - the beauty of New Zealand, a particular historical sight like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the food in Thailand, or even perhaps whales in South Africa (Mcgillicudy will appreciate that). And while I expect that food in Japan would be wonderful, never have I realized that the Japanese have an "obsession" with food, as this Washington Post article tells us.

An excerpt:

Almost every town of any significant size in Japan boasts well-stocked "food souvenir" shops at airports and train stations where visitors snap up regional specialties. Thousands of food pilgrims regularly flock to the countryside in search of seasonal dishes. Japanese travel agencies call food one of the main engines of international travel. Kinki Nippon Tourist, a leading travel agency, peddles scores of popular food-themed escapes, including sweets tours of Taiwan and afternoon-tea trips to Hong Kong.

As well, the Japanese enjoy food television even more than Americans like their Food Network! Well, I guess they did bring us Iron Chef!

Oishii! (Japanese for delicious)


  1. I would LOVE to visit Japan. Jon just went recently and told me that I should definitely go cause i'd go crazy with all the good food there. He said everything he tasted there was phenomenal and so unlike any kind of japanese food he's had in the states. everything's freshly made and sizzling hot and prices are reasonable.

  2. I feel like I have been on these mini-food tours before. Except instead of a professional tour guide leading the group, it's one of my crazy relatives. We once travelled around the island of Taiwan tasting different mochi (sweet rice cake with or without a filling). We each had our favorites and defended them to the death (or to an uncomfortably full belly). My favorite was mochi covered with peanut powder and filled with peanut paste from Hualien. Another time, we went to different port cities to try their fishballs. That trip got old very, very quickly.