Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small Bites

- Not all Chinese food is that familiar greasy Americanized glop you too often find in restaurants everywhere these days. Chinese food has a great diversity derived from the many different regions in China. The Times puts some focus on Dongbei food from the northeast part of China, which you can try in Flushing, Queens.

- Can macarons displace cupcakes as the sweet treat of the moment?

- Frank Bruni expounds on the wild interest of diners in the exclusivity of El Bulli and other coveted reservations. And the Wall Street Journal wonders whether molecular gastronomy will be a lasting trend.

- Why do many people become lactose-intolerant as they grow older?

- A former owner of Cafe des Artistes offers her ideas on the reasons for bad service and surveys people in the restaurant industry for their ideas on how to make it better.

- Chef Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune restaurant in New York defends salt lovers.

- Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wishes to overhaul the American food system and is awarded the TED prize to help him pursue that cause.

- For all the criticisms Walmart has endured, could its efforts to be a serious competitor in the market of sustainable food sellers be laudable? Corby Kummer investigates on The Atlantic Food Channel and even pits Walmart products against Whole Foods groceries in a taste test.

- Slate takes a stab at explaining why calorie counts might not help people to eat healthier.

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