Monday, February 01, 2010

February Flavors

February brings us not only a new month of Shake Shack Custard flavors, but also, Pancake Month at Clinton Street Baking Co., where every few days the Lower East Side restaurant features a different special flavor of pancake. But first, our custard options:

Monday: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Tuesday: Bananas Foster
Wednesday: Coconut Almond Snowball
Thursday: Key Lime Pie
Friday: Lemon Ricotta Cheese
Saturday: Passionate Pineapple
Sunday: Bee Mine

At Clinton Street, you can only get these pancakes on weekdays, but you'll be able to eat them breakfast, lunch or dinner — if you can manage to get in.

1, 2, 3: chocolate & blood orange pancakes w/candied orange glaze
4, 5: poached pears with vanilla bean whipped cream & warm maple butter
8, 9: fresh coconut pancakes with passion fruit syrup and bananas
10, 11: roasted apples with candied walnuts and warm maple caramel
12, 15: chocolate chunks, fresh raspberries, and raspberry-caramel sauce
16, 17: brown sugar pecans, bananas and cinnamon maple butter
18, 19, 22: classic chocolate chunk
23, 24: fresh blackberries, pecan streusel, warm maple butter
25, 26: crunchy bananas with cinnamon-chili-chocolate sauce

If only I could hit both up today, it would be a very happy Monday. Given that Shake Shack closes its B line (custard and drinks only) in the winter, I mind less that three of the flavors are automatically out for me: I hate bananas, to me coconut is only good in savory contexts and I'm allergic to pineapple. I am curious to know what Bee Mine contains though. Anyway, best wishes for a sweet month!

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  1. Navah7:08 PM

    mmmmmm...lemon ricotta cheese.