Friday, October 16, 2009

Good Review

Good Restaurant in the West Village has seemed somewhat unfortunately named because I do think it actually puts out, well, good food. When I mention this restaurant, it always seems confusing enough that I feel compelled to explain that the restaurant's name is actually "good". Good is a popular spot for brunch and the waits can get long. Luckily, on my second vist here, I only had a 15-minute wait after which we were seated at a nice table in a cozy nook.

Good offers a terrific deal: The breakfast special allows you to choose any egg dish, pancakes or french toast (practically anything on the menu) plus a homemade bread or side and a choice of a Chipotle Mary or Passionfruit Mimosa. We both chose to go with the special.

The spiced pumpkin bread was cakey, pocked with raisins & pumpkin seeds! The pumpkin seeds were original - it was the first time I'd seen them added to a pumpkin bread, but it seems to make perfect sense. They gave the bread a nuttier texture and flavor, which I liked. The bread had a nice spiciness to it, but I could have done without the powdered sugar on top.

The cheddar cornbread was also delightful. Crispy on outside, but soft and very buttery on the inside with a pretty mild cheese flavor.

We ordered the brunch special item ($1 surcharge added to the price of the brunch deal) - two eggs any way with sweet potato hash, italian sausage, sweet corn and red peppers. A transitional seasonal dish - the tomatoes and corn a slight reminder of the summer fading out of view with the heavier sweet potato and sausage a hint of the colder weather approaching. This was really tasty and different than most brunch dishes out there.

Basil and goat cheese scramble on sourdough bread with cherry tomatoes and asparagus. Usually i don't order scrambled eggs because they are unappealingly dry and flavorless. Here, the eggs were perfectly fluffy. The goat cheese was mixed in well, helping to soften the texture and adding a creamy flavor to the eggs. A large, leafy sprig of basil sat on top. I had to rip it up to get bites of it with the eggs; it might've been better had that already been chopped. The bread crust was somewhat hard to cut through but the soft, chunky bread was a great base for the scramble.

Maybe Good banks on the fact that it will always be better than just good. On this occasion, it most certainly was.

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