Sunday, October 04, 2009

Flatbush Farm Review

This weekend's brunch took me to Flatbush Farm, a restaurant focusing on local seasonal food, in Brooklyn. There was no wait on a Sunday afternoon for brunch and we even managed to score a table outside on the cute, spacious patio so we could enjoy the fall weather. The benefits of leaving the confines of crowded Manhattan. But traveling farther for brunch also means my expectations are higher for the place to merit a return visit.

As expected at most meals I have, we had more than enough food and especially because the portion sizes were large.

Hibiscus iced tea and a cappuccino.

We orderd the buckwheat pancakes with vanilla maple butter ($8), a chorizo hash topped with two baked eggs ($12), and a side of hash browns ($6).

We had an option to choose one or two pancakes, which seemed odd until we saw how large each pancake was. The menu said the pancakes came with seasonal berries. But as I saw other orders go to other tables, I noticed them covered in bananas. I asked the waiter if that was the only fruit served with them - it was - and so I asked for ours to be put on the side because I hate bananas. I was highly disappointed given that bananas are neither seasonal nor berries. The sliced bananas had black centers and did not look very appetizing. Luckily, the pancakes were delicious - thick and substantial in texture and flavor. The vanilla maple butter was a good way to include the flavor of syrup without actual drenching the pancakes in syrup. I did get a couple of bites of flour in the pancakes though.

The chorizo hash came in a large cast-iron skillet with chunks of potato and a tomato sauce. This was a messy dish and was slightly tart from the strong tomato-y taste. Not bad, but the potatoes were too thick for me. It went well with our side of hash browns though.

The hash browns were unexpectedly served as thick wedges cut from a pie. The outside was wonderfully crispy and the grated potato held together well.

The service was a little uneven, not terribly attentive and several times different servers tried to bring us things meant for other tables - food, the check.

The space was great, the value was good, but I probably would not go out of my way to return. Flatbush Farm is a lovely neighborhood spot or a good place to stop if you're in the area.

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