Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good Review

Good Restaurant and I are well acquainted. But until now I've only had the pleasure of partaking in a delicious lunch or brunch, never dinner. Prodded along by a Restaurant.com coupon, I finally changed that. Good strikes a commonly sought balance of a casual yet charming atmosphere along with tasty food and drinks. And the menu hits a range of notes —from sauteed scallops to burgers — that might seem jarringly disjointed elsewhere, but here seems to form a multifaceted American food personality.

The farro salad ($12) with arugula, cucumber, red onion, green beans, goat cheese (we requested it on the side) and red wine oregano vinaigrette is a bright start. The dense texture of farro makes this salad more substantial and the flavors blend together well.

The good burger ($19) is not your average burger. The thick beef patty exterior hides even more than you might imagine — a center of pulled pork & smoked mozzarella cheese. Sounds odd, but it's a hearty combination sure to fill you if you're hungry.
It looks like a hot mess in there, but your mouth will be more impressed than your eyes may be.

The fried cod with Tuscan kale and pesto cous cous was the special of the night. It came recommended by the waiter and as I found out for myself, with good reason. The fish came out hot enough to burn your tongue and the batter on the fish was light and didn't overwhelm the flavor of the fish. The lemon aioli was a welcome substitute for tartar sauce. And I loved the healthy-tasting sides.

The pear tart was a bit too crumbly and dry. It was the only mediocre part of the meal.

You can faithfully put yourself in the hands of Good whether it's morning, noon or night and leave full and happy.

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