Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recent Eats

Num Pang is a good little spot to swing by for a snack or a meal on the go. You order at the window and pick up your food just inside the door. There's minimal seating upstairs, overlooking the adjacent parking lot, if you want to eat in.

On this visit I sampled the grilled skirt steak sandwich ($8.75 without tax) with crushed coriander and peppercorn. The sandwich had a heavy steak flavor and the meat is a little on the chewy side, so you best really like meat if you order this. But the garlicky mayo, pickled carrots and coriander really help to brighten the sandwich, balancing the heaviness of the meat. The bread is great, wonderfully toasty and it's a filling sandwich. The watermelon juice is gritty, true to the fruit. So, next time you're near Union Square, shopping or catching a movie, keep Num Pang in mind for a quick bite.

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