Saturday, April 09, 2011

Taim Mobile Review

I wanted something good for lunch and I wanted to try something new. So after scouring Midtown Lunch and checking out the food truck twitter feeds, I settled on Taim Mobile. It seemed hard to resist when Midtown Lunch declared that it "may be the best lunch truck in Midtown." Unlike the food truck-to-store evolution, Taim Mobile is a spin-off of a small storefront in the West Village.

On this day, the Taim Mobile truck was parked on the corner of 40th Street near Sixth Avenue, not far from Crisp, a brick and mortar falafel place with a few locations in the city. Intentionally engaging the competition?

The special of the day was spinach and jalapeño falafel, which I opted for over the classic falafel. At $6.50 for the sandwich, it was a dollar more than the classic. Taim bills itself as a falafel and smoothie truck, and I was tempted by the interesting-sounding smoothie combinations they had (namely, pear-mint-lemon) but decided to test out the food only on this first visit.

I thought this was a terrific falafel sandwich, crisply flavored and not greasy or heavy. And I was pleased that it wasn't heavy with garlic like too many falafel are. Several small falafel were cushioned in a dense mixture of chopped cucumbers and tart cabbage and smothered in white sauce. The whole wheat pita was soft and had a strong doughy flavor to it. I was disappointed, though, that the jalapeño seemed to be lost — the sandwich wasn't actually spicy.

I was content with the size of this sandwich, but not stuffed. It was a fair size for the price and for someone with a less ravenous appetite, this should be satisfying.


  1. Navah8:08 PM

    taim has the best falafel

  2. Anonymous11:02 AM

    try it with pickles and s'rug next time. have tried their specials, but the original classic is my favorite.

  3. Anonymous2:32 PM

    the kalamata falafel is GREAT! the servers will confuse you with the regular sandwich and the platter... If you ask what the differences are and they tell you it doesnt sound very different at all so I ordered the sandwich alone. The actual difference is that all the stuff (quinoa salad, tahini, pita and israeli salad) come on the side with the platter whereas in teh sandwich its inside (and w/o quinoa). While I was standing there he did the same thing to another customer... we both wanted extra pita and tahini but didnt get it because we were lead to believe the sandwich alone came with it. (it did but inside)