Thursday, August 12, 2010

Small Bites

- For some people, dissatisfaction turns into restaurant rage.

- Ever bought an unripe cantaloupe? Here's a guide to picking a better one. If watermelon is your fruit, learn how to analyze its shape and color and how to store it.

- And if you've ever wondered how long your food can stay out of the fridge, use four hours as a guideline.

- Studies suggest that global warming will cause rice yields to fall.

- Grant Achatz, chef of Alinea, and his business partner Nick Kokonas discuss an innovative way of paying for your meal that they plan to institute at their new Chicago restaurant, Next.

- Turning butter into fuel.

- The recipe for Thomas’ English muffin is closely guarded secret, but one insider has been accused of trying to take it to a rival.

- Vitaminwater is not good for you. But Coca-Cola claims no one would believe it is. Is that a viable argument?

- An entire cafe devoted to selling Pop-Tarts has opened in Times Square. There's even Pop-Tarts sushi. See what Mark Bittman thinks.

- What is the war on high fructose corn syrup really about?

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