Monday, July 05, 2010

Desi Truck Review

A couple of weeks ago, while walking along Fifth Avenue, I spotted a bright yellow food truck at the corner of 27th Street. It seemed to be a low-budget operation thrown together in a hurry, with a handwritten poster for a menu, pasted to the side of a former halal truck.

Before I had a chance to return to try the Desi Truck out, Midtown Lunch posted about it. It seemed like a positive enough early review that I suggested to my dining companion that we take a chance on it when we were pondering lunch near Madison Square Park.

My dining companion chose the vegetarian Aloo Masala Kati Roll, a mix of potatoes and onions, which was delicious.

I chose the Chicken Kati Roll. To put it simply, kati rolls are the Indian version of a burrito. I'd only had them before at The Kati Roll Company in Midtown and while they were a decent cheap snack or meal when in the area, I have never gone out of my way to get one. But I might return for the Desi Truck's flavorful bundles. The doughy flatbread, nicely charred, chewy and buttery, encases a couple of spoonfuls of spiced chicken chunks. The guy in the truck tosses on some red onion, a few shakes of some spice and a few squirts of a spicy green sauce. I'd love for the chicken to be slightly moister, but for $4, fast service and a compact lunch within easy range of the park, I'll take it.

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