Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Small Bites

A heavier-than-usual dose of Small Bites to keep you stocked up for Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

- Is the consumption of animals and use of animal products murder? Strict ethical vegans think so.

- Eating carbs might help to boost mood, so the Atkins Diet could make you unhappy. This piece makes the interesting point that "Showing how people fare emotionally on a diet seems key to helping them stay on one."

- Fish tagine brings families together.

- Time Magazine tests out Top Chef frozen meals from Schwan's Home Service.

- Picky eaters take the fun out of dinner parties.

- Slate shares thoughts on the best ways to present pumpkin at your Thanksgiving table. 

- McSweeney's experimental newspaper, SF Panorama, includes a food section.

- Do food company hotlines actually help to answer questions consumers have? The Wall Street Journal finds out.

- Slate's Daniel Gross experiences the transformation of the hot pot in Chongqing.

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