Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Ninh's Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble Tea Review

My latest find: a Vietnamese sandwich place in Kips Bay/Murray Hill. After watching a movie at the Kips Bay theater, a gleaming green awning caught my eye. It looked like Ninh's Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble Tea was fairly new and, naturally, I wanted to check it out. The interior was as plain as the outside and the only menu was the takeout one on the counter.

I ordered the classic bahn mi, which was listed as having Vietnamese ham, pate and ground pork).

It was a large sandwich with lots of flavor and all the components blended together well, without any one meat overpowering the other. If I had to list any complaint about it, I'd say it could do with less of the mayonnaise and more cilantro and vegetables. But it's definitely good enough to satisfy a craving for bahn mi in the Midtown region and to merit a return trip to try the other things on the menu.

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    good spot for a pre- or post-movie snack. or you could secretly sneak a sandwich into the theater - the secret of ninh! (ba-dum-bum-ching!)