Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I Ate in Paris: Day Three

Falafel platter (with eggplant, cabbage and carrots) at Chez Hanna in the Marais. Long lines for the couple of shops open on Saturday, but we avoided it by sitting down in the restaurant (and paying a premium for it but our weary feet thanked us).

The famous Berthillon ice cream shop with the line trailing down to the corner. It's worth it and it moved fairly quickly anyway. But to make it even more worth my while, I went for the double scoop.

Coffee and Vanilla with cake (!!) — a great combination. The coffee was potently flavored and there was a novelty to the vanilla with cake.
There were large crumbly chunks of cake vanilla and chocolate cake mixed in the ice cream.
The triple threat. The other two flavors were tiramisu (with a strong liqueur flavor) and hazelnut (with whole nuts in it).

An almond chocolate croissant from Eric Kayser bakery. The service is snobby here, but they sure do know how to make pastries — flaky and delicate and buttery.


  1. these postings are making me miss paris. yum!

  2. me too!!!