Monday, May 10, 2010

Recent Eats

This is Pizza Moto at the Brooklyn Flea. They arrive there with a mobile brick oven. Because they don't have a brick and mortar operation and I was there, I thought, how could I NOT seize the opportunity to try pizza? But it would be a challenge as I saw that my $9 would get me a rather large pizza (margherita) cut into eight slices.

I took this down, all by myself, in under 15 minutes. You better believe it. How silly of me to take a paper bag in case I couldn't finish it. The pizza was thin and tasty. I really enjoyed the light, sweet tomato sauce; I prefer my pizzas less saucy. But the center of the crust had gotten slightly soggy, despite my being able to ingest it no more than two minutes after it had come out of the oven. Based on a similar experience at Motorino, another brick oven pizza place, perhaps the sogginess is just a characteristic of these types of pizzas. My other complaints are that the cheese didn't fasten to the pie very well and that it didn't have enough basil. But the crust was nicely charred and had enough salt to keep it from being bland.

I followed it up with a popsicle from People's Pops, which recently opened a stand in Chelsea Market. I opted for a rhubarb spice pop. These popsicles are fruity and not too watery. This particular flavor reminded me of cooked fruit, similar to apples in a pie or poached peaches. It was pretty mild and could have used more spice, but it was refreshing on a warm afternoon.

All gone.

Shack Attack: Vanilla custard (normally comes with chocolate, but we substituted for fear that it would be too much chocolate — yes, there is such a thing) hot fudge, chocolate truffle cookie dough, Valrhona chocolate chunks and chocolate sprinkles.  

Saturday's flavor: Red Velvet

The Shack Attack concrete was great for hitting that chocolate craving. The soft cookie dough chunks were sizeable and worked well with the crunchier chocolate chunks and sprinkles.

I was definitely impressed by Red Velvet. It's a party in a cup — cake and ice cream! There were large chunks of red velvet cake folded into a solid custard that tasted like vanilla icing. It was an addictive combination, one that I want to get back to before the month is over.

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