Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small Bites

- Momofuku chef David Chang visits South Korea and learns more about cooking without meat.

- Koshary, a dish of pasta, lentils, onions, sauce and vinegar, helped to sustain the revolution in Egypt.

- Sushi Yasuda maintains its quality even without its namesake chef, according to The Wall Street Journal.

-The Korean fried chicken war isn't the only one in town; there's an Afghan fried chicken war over the Kennedy Fried Chicken brand.

- Should we be more concerned about the effects of aspartame?

- Nathan Myhrvold, the subject of a Freakonomics podcast mentioned on Small Bites a couple of weeks ago, has been getting even more attention as his $625 Modernist Cuisine cookbook has become popular even before being released. A 30-course meal with Myhrvold sounds like fodder for all molecular gastronomists.

- B.R. Myers rails against foodies in The Atlantic. Francis Lam takes offense and strikes back on

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