Monday, June 29, 2009

Small Bites

-The San Francisco Chronicle writes about how, from a business perspective, dessert is a loser. It is probably true that many people don't think ahead in leaving room for dessert. That is not me. I always assume there will be something I will want; sweet and savory occupy two entirely different realms of hunger.

Many restaurants, with specific pastry chefs, do devote attention to this course, but I agree that not enough of them bring creativity to the menu as they try to please with the common chocolate and ice cream desserts.

Michael Bauer gives some good advice:
"First the dessert course should be afforded the same respect and consideration as the savory courses. Desserts should be part of the menu people are given when they sit down to order. That way people know what the desserts are and can plan accordingly. Also waiters should mention desserts like they talk about daily specials. Something like: "We have a really great pastry chef who's doing an amazing peach crostata tonight, so you might want to save room for desserts."

-What is wrong with Burger King? A lot of things, but this ad goes down the wrong path even more. Apparently, though, it is not alone in believing that sexual innuendo makes for good advertising. Check out the first Hardee's video. So bad, it's laughable.

-One crazy guy has decided to create his own catalog of Shopsin's menu by eating and photographing every dish on the menu. If he succeeds, he will have conquered quite a feat - escaping Kenny Shopin's wrath and not getting banned forever while creating a terrific resource for would-be Shopsin's eaters! Good luck to NYC Food Guy!

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