Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small Bites

Some recent food-related pieces around the Web:

The Times looks at the business of casual restaurant chains. They have been offering deep discounts to keep customers coming, but this may hurt their future profits. I can understand how the Applebees and Olive Gardens survive in the suburbs (they were the local high school hangouts where I grew up), but in a city like New York it's harder to fathom. They must be supported entirely by tourists, who, I suppose, are looking for familiarity and consistency - the same way people know what they're getting when they go to a Starbucks anywhere.

The Well blog, focusing on health and wellness, on the Times site actually often has interesting posts related to food. Here's a recent one about shopping for 10 ingredients that will produce meals for a week.

If you don't want to take my word on Top Chef Masters, The Washington Post shares its verdict on the show.

A simple writeup on The Atlantic Food channel about composing a cheese plate for the summer. I love cheese, and am always overwhelmed by the options so I find recommendations helpful.

Ben & Jerry's is promoting their new Flipped Out sundae in a cup. Serious Eats shows us how to eat it . Ice cream that needs directions! Grub Street says Ben & Jerry's will be giving away samples in Prospect Park on Sunday.

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