Thursday, November 03, 2011

On the Road Eats: North Carolina

Crook's Corner in Chapel Hill was another stop on my tour of Southern food in North Carolina. Although the menu had some of the usual stuff of Southern restaurants, like shrimp and grits and fried green tomatoes, it also produced some more interesting offerings as well. The food was solid and the atmosphere was casual and comfortable.

The green Tabasco chicken was my pick —half of a roasted chicken served with mashed potatoes and sauteed mixed vegetables. The green supposedly comes from jalapeƱos, but I didn't taste much spice. No matter though because the sauce was tasty and the chicken was perfectly cooked. The dish was clean and simple and on the healthier side of all the meals I had.

My dining companions sampled several other dishes that I had just a taste of.

The catfish almondine with roasted okra was a nice, hearty portion. The roasted okra was a nice change from the usual fried preparation. It really allowed more of the vegetable flavor to come through.

The parsnip and corn soup was a thick mixture perfect for cooler weather. It tasted heavily of the root vegetable, but was offset with a little sweetness from the corn.

The Hoppin' John is a bed of rice and black-eye peas flavored with bacon, tomato, scallions and cheddar cheese. It has a sort of kitchen sink feel, but was delicious.

Shrimp and grits were sauteed with bacon, mushrooms and scallions and served over cheese grits.

 My dining companions really enjoyed the pineapple rum trifle to end the meal.

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  1. yummy...have not been here for a bit...I missed lots of delicious meals!