Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunrise Grill Review

Life is definitely interesting when I can get Jamaican food twice in one week from two different food trucks in Midtown. Early last week, I tried Jamaican Dutchy. I told a friend about it and her coworkers mentioned another nearby truck, Sunrise Grill. For some time now, I've walked by the bright yellow truck with its flashing sign nearly everyday, but hadn't had a chance to stop by to see what they were serving. So I decided to go for my second Jamaican lunch of the week.

The handwritten menu advertised the day's offerings. Like Jamaican Dutchy, they also had stew chicken, but I decided to try the oxtail instead.

I loved the flavor of the sauce this was cooked in. The oxtails don't have a lot of meat on them and they are a little bit fatty, but they're cooked so the meat is tender. You really want to work at these bones and get every bit off them because it's that good. This small portion for $7 was a lot less food than the Jamaican Dutchy cart, but the flavor  makes up for it. The rice under the meat was also better — softer and tastier. And the portion came with some cabbage and a couple of plantains. But because the oxtails weren't the most filling I was glad I decided at the last minute to throw in a chicken patty. I don't think I've ever had a meat patty, but I liked this one — it had a flavor reminiscent of chicken pot pie and was spicy. I might have liked the crust to be a little thicker because I love carbs, but it was otherwise a great side for $2 more. And together, it made a satisfying lunch.

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