Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Coolhaus Early Review

Several blogs had posted about the food truck promotion last weekend between Coolhaus and Firefox (yes, as in the Internet browser). They teamed up to give out several flavors of ice cream sandwiches in a few different locations around the city. Coolhaus was debuting in New York and this was a great way to introduce its product amidst the burgeoning food truck movement. I liked the sound of the unique ice cream flavor combinations (the mention of Earl Gray ice cream is nearly enough to make me an immediate fan). And, honestly, what could be better than getting one of my favorite things to eat for free!

So I decided to try out one of the ice cream sandwiches at its near-Bryant Park location. Though I got there at noon, when it was supposed to open, it took another 15 to 20 minutes before they actually started serving customers. And by that time, a decent line had formed. They were actually waiting for the ice cream to soften up a bit. And the Firefox promotional people were just arriving to hand out swag. Though the offerings were limited to four flavors, the ie ice cream sandwiches weren't premade, but rather, scooped upon ordering.

I decided to try the "Awesome Bar" — peach bellini ice cream on snickerdoodle cookies. The ice cream was a bit more like sorbet, icier in texture, but the peach flavor was strong. And it was a hefty sandwich. The sandwiches will normally cost $5, served in edible wrappers, but they're a pretty good size; I can bet that I'll be seeking out the truck this summer to try out some of their many other unique-sounding flavors.

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